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Bison Coffeehouse

Bison Coffeehouse is Portland’s only Native-owned coffee establishment and is the culmination of a journey that Loretta Guzman embarked on almost a decade ago. After a bout with cancer that almost proved fatal, Loretta envisioned…

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Columbia River Salmon Sales and Cascade Villages: Fort Raines, Washington

Cascade Indians and other Chinookan-speaking peoples once lived in cedar plank homes and tepees in small villages along the Columbia River, all the way from the mouth of the river and upstream to The Dalles.…

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Columbia River Salmon Sales: Cascade Locks, Oregon

Near the Bridge of the Gods on the majestic Columbia River are several places to view Indian fishers dipnetting from their traditional wooden platforms or scaffolds. These wooden structures utilize engineering techniques that have been…

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Columbia River Salmon Sales: Roosevelt, Washington

When Lewis and Clark passed through this area in October 1805, they had to ride through many difficult rapids and around huge boulders now inundated by dam floodwaters. They also saw numerous Indian camps and…

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Columbia River Salmon Sales: The Dalles, Oregon

If you’re looking to purchase fresh fish along the Columbia River, Indian-caught salmon can be purchased at The Dalles in the Lone Pine sales area. Nearby, visitors can also see the remains of an Indian…

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Dirty Lettuce

As one of the most one-of-a-kind restaurants in Portland, Dirty Lettuce is a must visit restaurant in thePortland area. The restaurant specializes in making vegan options of traditional Southern food (soulfood)’s meat classics. All of…

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Island Cafe

Located in Oregon’s only island community, the Island Cafe is one of the shining jewels of this vibrant island community. You can take a boat ferry to arrive on this island! Known for its famous…

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Lan Su Chinese Garden

Interested in learning more about Chinese flora and the rich history of Chinese culture? Make sure tostop by the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. In English, Lan Su can be translated toOrchid Awakening…

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Lillian Pitt Public Artwork: “Voices,” at the Oregon Convention Center

Lillian Pitt’s “Voices” is a series of twenty six bronze relief plaques located in the Oregon Convention Center and are part of the Center’s Public Art project. Her work is the largest collection of public…

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Lillian Pitt Public Artwork: Honoring our Salmon at Ainsworth Greenspace

Twelve-foot-tall sculptures inspired by trees of nearby forests complete a series of totem poles in Ainsworth Greenspace. Bronze totem heads representing legendary or sacred beings sit atop the three totems: “She Who Watches” by Lillian…

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Lillian Pitt Public Artwork: Land Overlook at Land Bridge

The Land Bridge on the Columbia River features three overlooks across spectacular vistas of land, river, and ocean. The site was built to honor the Chinookan people, who lived and traded along the Columbia River.…

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Lillian Pitt Public Artwork: River Guardian on the Willamette River

With a headdress of steel adorning her lead crystal glass head, and a body constructed of both copper and steel, River Guardian stands nine-feet tall along the banks of the Willamette River at the South…

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Lillian Pitt Public Artwork: Rosa Parks Station

Portland’s public transit system offers travelers a unique, rich emersion into the local art scene. The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (Tri-Met) promotes transit use and community pride by integrating permanent and temporary art…

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Lillian Pitt Public Artwork: The Welcome Gate at Land Bridge

Two cedar logs topped with crossed canoe paddles with a cast-glass sculpture of a Chinook woman’s face greet visitors to the Land Bridge, a historic tribal crossroads and a historic point of contact between European…

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Pip’s Original Doughnuts and Chai

Love doughnuts? And chai? Welcome to the world’s first doughnut AND chai shop! Founded in 2013,Pip’s Original Doughnuts and Chai shop located in Portland, Oregon features some of the bestdoughnuts and chai in the Western…

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Portland Art Museum

With premier exhibits showcasing Portland’s rich art culture and creative features, the Portland Art Museums isone of the most gorgeous places to visit in the Oregon area. The museum is open from Thursday to Sunday…

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Portland International Rose Test Garden

Portland is very fortunate to have some of the most beautiful natural fauna and roses. Visitors to thearea must visit the Portland International Rose Test Garden, the oldest officially operated public rosetest garden in the…

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Portland Japanese Garden

Should you be interested in seeing some of the most beautiful and tranquil views in the Portland area,make sure to stop by the gorgeous Portland Japanese Gardens. Located near Washington Park and theInternational Rose Test…

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Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint

The lookouts and viewpoints dotted along the Columbia River are some of the best places to understand and admire the sheer size, influence, and beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. The first big viewpoint found…

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Powell’s City of Books

Have a rare book that you are interested in finding? Want to explore Portland’s rich literary scene?Make sure to stop by Powell’s Books, the world’s largest independent bookstore. Open daily from10am-9pm, there is also a…

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