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Culbertson Mansion

Located in New Albany, Indiana on 9 E. Main St. sits the Second Empire mansion, which is a style inspired by French Renaissance architecture, constructed for William Culbertson, an affluent, involved, businessman who later in…

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Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site

As one of the most extravagant historic sites in Indiana, the Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site isone of the most-visited sites in the New Albany area. The hours of operation for the museum are fromWednesday-Sunday…

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J&B Magic Shop & Theater

Interested in seeing some of the most amazing magic performers in the world? Make sure to stop by the J&BMagic Shop & Theater located in New Albany, Indiana! With performances throughout the year, there is…

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Ogle Center

Lovers of the arts must visit Ogle Center, Indiana University’s premier site for visual and performingarts. The Ogle Center founded by Indiana philanthropist Paul W. Ogle was started originally as fourdiverse indoor theaters, an amphitheater,…

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