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Each June, 35,000-40,000 people arrive in Mandan for an event filled with blues music and classic cars.  Featuring live music, cool cars, beer gardens, food vendors, and a car parade, this festival brings together people…

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Choctaw Country Markets

“Chahta” is what the Choctaw people call themselves, which is the name of a legendary Choctaw leader and also means “the people.” The Choctaw homeland includes what is now eastern Mississippi and western Alabama. In…

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Custer House

Located within Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, this house is a reconstruction of the one Lieutenant George Custer and his wife Libbie lived in from 1873 until Custer died at the Battle of the Little…

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Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

The Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, the oldest state park in North Dakota, provides visitors with a diverse historical landscape. The site houses the On-A-Slant Mandan Indian Village which was established in the 16th century…

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Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

For an unforgettable cultural, historic, and scenic visit, don’t miss Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.  This is the oldest state park in North Dakota.  This park features the replica Mandan On-A-Slant Indian Village and the…

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Fort Rice

First established in 1864 and reconstructed four years later, this fort protected transportation along the upper Missouri River. An important cultural contact intersection, the Treaty of Fort Laramie of 1868 was signed here by Lakota…

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Harmon Lake Recreation Area

Located just eight miles north of Mandan, this hidden gem is perfect for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.  Offering amenities for both camping and recreation, this park is ideal for families.  A public boat ramp…

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Huff Hills Ski Area

Huff Hills is North Dakota’s largest ski area and a perfect place for outdoor winter fun.  There are 16 runs and four lifts, with options for beginning and advanced skiers and snowboarders.  For more exploring,…

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Huff Indian Village State Historic Site

This exciting historical site was originally occupied by prehistoric Mandan tribal members beginning in 1450 A.D. Today visitors can explore the prehistoric settlement that was once fortified and protected by an extensive ditch and fencing…

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Midway Lanes

A great place to hang out for warm and drinks. Midway Lanes is located just across the Missouri River from Bismarck and offers plenty of late-night fun. You won’t find anywhere else in the Bismarck…

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North Dakota State Railroad Museum

This museum, which was opened in 1972, offers a vast collection of railroad equipment as well as railcars that are open to being explored, which makes this museum a great place to visit with kids.…

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On-A-Slant Village

Over 400 years old, On-A-Slant Village is located in North Dakota near the confluence of the Heart River with the Missouri River. On October 20, 1804 the Corps of Discovery stopped at the On-A- Slant…

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Raging Rivers Waterpark

Want to cool down from the midwestern sun and take your entire family with you? Look no further than the Raging Water Park near Bismarck. People of all ages may enjoy this waterpark as it…

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The Paddle Trap

On the scenic shore of the Missouri River, the Paddle Trap welcomes travelers and locals alike with its contemporary and casual American menu.  Visit year round for cheerfully sunlit brunches, lunches, and dinners.  Serving local…

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