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On-A-Slant Village

On-A-Slant Village


Open daily from dusk until dawn
All vehicles entering a state park must display a valid entrance permit year-round. If a park aide is not on duty at the entrance station, daily entrance permits may be paid by using a self-registration system posted at the entrance or purchased online here. Daily vehicle entrance fee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7Annual vehicle entrance permit .. . . . . . . . $35The purchase of an annual vehicle entrance permit is also available for online purchase here or through the Call Center at 800-807-4723.Senior Discount: ND residents age 65 and older are eligible to purchase an annual entrance permit for $28. To purchase a senior pass send a scan or photograph of your ID with a current phone number to be contacted at to Disabled Veterans and POWs: ND veterans with a 50 percent or greater service-related disability and former POWs are eligible for a free annual lifetime pass. All other ND veterans with service-related disabilities may purchase an annual permit for $28. Requires a current VA proof of disability or ND DAV/ POW license plates. Contact for more information. 
lat: 46.7660582 long: -100.8478347

Over 400 years old, On-A-Slant Village is located in North Dakota near the confluence of the Heart River with the Missouri River. On October 20, 1804 the Corps of Discovery stopped at the On-A- Slant Village and visited with the local Native Chief Too né. On-A-Slant Village was the former Mandan settlement, which were a major hub for trade in the Great Plains. By the time the Corps of Discovery stopped there the village was but remains from a smallpox outbreak in 1781.

William Clark recounted in his journal, “I saw an old remains of a village on the Side of a hill which the Chief with us Too né tels me that nation lived in a number of villages on each Side of the river and the Troublesom Seauex caused them to move about 40 miles higher up where they remained for a fiew years & moved to the place they live now.”  Before the smallpox epidemic the Mandan Village included about 75 earthlodges and roughly 1,000 residents.

Today On-A-Slant Village and lives within the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.  Designated in 1907, it is the oldest state park in North Dakota. While no preexisting earthlodges remain, the site retains archaeological evidence of the original site. Since the designation of the park, five earthlodges have been reconstructed. While visiting you can enjoy interpretive tours that offer an introduction to the historic Mandan culture.

The Abraham Lincoln State Park also has trails, camping, hiking, cabins, a recreation of the military fort and horse riding.

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