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Winter Camp at Wood River (Camp Dubois)

Winter Camp at Wood River (Camp Dubois)
North Main Street
Wood River Illinois 62095


Tours Available Wednesday– Sunday / Indoor Tours – 10 AM, 12 PM, & 2 PM / Outdoor Tours – 11 AM & 3 PM
Tours are free of charge. There is a $10 research fee and a $15 program fee for non-members.
lat: 38.8626455 long: -90.1076857

In 1803, Clark established winter quarters that would be used during the expedition on the south side of the Wood River. While training new members of the expedition team and gathering supplies and equipment, Lewis and Clark occupied this camp.

The Winter Camp at Wood River, a part of Camp Dubois, was originally located on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, but a recent channel shift has moved its location to the west side. Camp Dubois continued to be a gathering spot for men of the Corps of Discovery, and the time spent here contributed to their developing bond. 

This camp not only was a safe space for individuals, but also a test of the cohesiveness of the team. It was one of their first opportunities to live together, and it allowed the corps to prepare for the struggles that would be faced in their upcoming journey. The nearby Lewis and Clark State Historic Site offer tours of a (replica) Camp Dubois as well as the Interpretive Center, and on these, the history will be discussed in more detail. 

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