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West End Tavern & Grocery

West End Tavern & Grocery


Everyday: 11am - 9pm
lat: 37.6384387 long: -89.6254069

Do you find yourself in Frohna, Missouri along the Lewis and Clark Trail and want a place to eat as well as experience a nice small town feeling with German influence? Then swing by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and if you’re in need for groceries, we’ve got that, too! Experience small town living at its best when you stop here to grab a delicious bite. From fish to burgers to fried mushrooms and even a year round Christmas tree hanging upside down from the ceiling, the whole family will enjoy this rural diner (especially if you enjoy fried foods). West End Tavern & Grocery is located less than a 20 minute drive from Perryville in nearby Frohna.

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