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The Old Herald Brewery and Distillery

The Old Herald Brewery and Distillery


Closed Mondays. Tuesday–Thursday: 11am–8p. Friday-Saturday: 11am-9pm. Sunday: 11am-8pm.
lat: 38.6713918 long: -89.986116

One of the best ways to genuinely experience Americana is by visiting an old distillery or brewery. Americans for generations have taken pride in crafting the best possible beer in their breweries and the most robust whisky in their distilleries. Just minutes from downtown S.T. Louis sits the Old Herald Brewery and Distillery. With a rich history of over one-hundred years, the Herald building has seen it all. It served as a newspaper for most of its life, sharing the news of the day with the community, from 1845 to 1985, as The Collinsville Herald. It sat in obscurity until it was rescued by the distillers who keep it running today.

The Old Herald Brewery and Distillery takes this American pride one step further today. They operate as a brewery, distillery, and restaurant. The dedication they have to making the best possible beer, whisky, and food sets Old Herald squarely atop the competition. The menu demonstrates this perfectly, as Old Herald offers everything from burgers, to ribs, to flatbreads, wings and more. There is a flavor for every taste in the group. The tap features everything from ales to IPA’s, which is enough to bring any beer enthusiast in for the evening. 

From its days as a newspaper to now a restaurant, distillery/brewery, and event venue- the Old Herald has seen the evolution of America. Everyone should visit for a piece of American history and stay for the excellent food. 

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