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Good Weather Art Gallery

Good Weather Art Gallery


Open to public for our opening receptions for solo exhibits. Dates can be found on our website; or by finding us on Facebook at Good Weather Gallery. Appointments otherwise needed. Covid-19 safety measures in place.
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We are a fine arts gallery located in Edwardsville, IL specializing in solo exhibits particularly, with local artists from the area. In addition to the solo exhibits, the gallery also represents approximately 30 other artists under one roof!

There exists no better way to experience another culture than through art. This is why the Good Weather Gallery is such an important location in keeping alive the traditions of Southwest Illinois and along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Here, the staff does an excellent service to culture by displaying artists of different backgrounds, levels of success in the field, and artistic styles. Offering contemporary galleries from artists self-taught to highly educated veterans, the dedication to displaying talent is palpable. Whether you visit to see and feel culture or just to look at beautiful, majestic works of the human hand- you will not be disappointed at the Good Weather Gallery in Edwardsville, Illinois. 

Culture is one aspect of our existence that has remained constant. It endures through floods, volcanoes, famines, horrific world wars, and much more. Culture exists in the highest accomplishments of human life and in the lowest failures of humanity. It exists in the dark and the light of human life. Culture is communication, religion, love, history, language, and art.

Art is the prime medium through which cultures are communicated and, ultimately, changed. Good Weather Gallery celebrates this culture, and is a must visit for tourists to Edwardsville.

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