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The Durham Museum

The Durham Museum


Tuesday 10AM–4PM Wednesday 10AM–4PM Thursday 10AM–4PM Friday 10AM–4PM Saturday 10AM–4PM Sunday 12–4PM Monday Closed
$7-$11 per person
lat: 41.251469 long: -95.9289649

Beautiful architecture blends with memories of a time gone by at the historic Durham Museum.  Opened in 1931, Union Station was built by Union Pacific Railroad as the showpiece to the city of its headquarters. Considered one of Omaha’s most unique treasures, and an official National Historic Landmark, the station is one of the best examples of art deco architecture in the country.

The Durham Museum offers unique, hands-on learning for people of all ages. Enjoy an extraordinary array of permanent exhibits including restored train cars, 1940’s storefronts, HO Model trains, numerous artifacts showing the history of the region and the Byron Reed collection, which includes some of the world’s rarest coins and documents. During your stay be sure to stop by the authentic soda fountain and enjoy a phosphate or malt.  There are also impressive temporary exhibitions through The Durham’s affiliation with the Smithsonian and close ties with other national and international lending institutions.

The Durham Museum is located in Omaha’s Historic Old Market at 801 South 10th Street. The museum has a two-level parking deck that is FREE to all visitors.

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