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Songbird Artistry

Songbird Artistry


lat: 40.4657038 long: -79.9536538

The tiny, three-room gift shop on Penn Avenue is committed to helping the local artist community and selling the crafts by over 20 Pittsburghers at reasonable prices.

Customers are greeted warmly by owner Debbie Jacknin as soon as they enter the business, which is full with surprises at every turn. The first room offers handcrafted jewelry, printed clothes, handwritten stickers, woodwork, and art work by local craftsmen. Jennifer Orefice, Jacknin’s daughter, also makes personalized resin-work jewelry that is offered in the shop.

Songbird Artistry provides stained glass mosaic lessons in the second room. The classes are led by Jacknin and are available as group lessons or one-on-one sessions. The last area is loaded with antique apparel, accessories, and recordings. Jacklyn Orefice, Jackson’s’ other daughter, is in charge of finding antique clothing for the business. Make sure to visit this art and souvenir store.

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