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BikePGH is a nonprofit organization with a vision to create a Pittsburgh where “people can thrive without needing to own a car – making Pittsburgh a world class leader, in clean affordable, and convenient transportation.”

Since its establishment in 2002, BikePGH has created a resilient community of bicycle riders, sellers, and advocates. Part of the vision of BikePGH has been to make Pittsburgh a safe place to ride a bike, from lobbying to creating well defined bike lanes for bike riders.

One of the biggest contributors to reducing emissions are the Healthy Bike Racks Project, established in 2015. The bike share racks are located around the city of Pittsburgh, throughout multiple neighborhoods, including the heavily trafficked Oakland neighborhood. Available to anyone for $2 per half an hour, there is an application to help locate racks throughout the city.

BikePGH also has many events, many of which (as of 2021) can be joined virtually. It has an impressive and up to date calendar of events, with varying levels of involvement, such as volunteering and biking fundraisers with varying causes.

BikePGH is more than just a nonprofit — it has become an institution in Pittsburgh and a hub, for biking events, Green Pittsburgh, advocacy, education, and community sharing. BikePGH is an active organization and community in Pittsburgh.

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