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Rabbit Hash General Store

Rabbit Hash General Store
Food and Drink
10021, Lower River Road
Burlington Kentucky 41005


lat: 38.942204 long: -84.846017

In a world that seems to be constantly changing, the Rabbit Hash General Store is a heaping slice of Americana from another era. A working general store since 1831, the Rabbit Hash General Store is the heart of historic Rabbit Hash, a quaint little Northern Kentucky river-town whose fortunes literally have risen and fallen with the waters of the Ohio River. Over the past 25 years, there have been five different proprietors of the store, each adding his or her own local color to the latest Rabbit Hash revival, perpetuating its claim of continuous operation since 1831. Rabbit Hash hats, shirts, and other souvenirs have made their way all over the world. The name is contagious. The place is therapeutic. Someone once commented that Rabbit Hash is not just a little river town. It’s a state of mind. Rabbit Hash has its meaning to everyone who lives there or visits it. But one thing is certain, Rabbit Hash is proud of its Boone County history and heritage and its legacy will be evident in Northern Kentucky for generations to come.

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