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Perry County Museum

Perry County Museum


Tuesday 1pm-3pm Thursday 1pm-3pm Saturday 9am-12pm
Free - donations gladly accepted
lat: 37.9120505 long: -86.740773

The Perry County Museum is a time capsule of Perry County eras gone by. Housed in the two-story home that Joseph and Mary (Broeker) Duerr built in 1881 this historical museum will transport you back to times forgotten.

The museum opened in May of 1990. Each room completes another phase. The rooms include areas of: children’s toys/supplies, kitchen, schools, books, churches, medical and many other treasures from Perry County. Displays are also found in the hallways and stairways. As new donations are received, they must be cataloged and labeled. You will be surprised at the vast amount of items that are on display to bring back memories for the older generation and to amaze and amuse the younger ones.

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