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Ohio River Scenic Railway

Ohio River Scenic Railway


Open weekends 9am to 6pm
Generally, ticket prices are from $15 and up - depending on the type of event, included amenities, and the length of the trip. Children ages 2 and younger ride for FREE - IN THE LAP OF A TICKET-HOLDING ADULT.
Only service animals, as defined by the USDOJ and Americans with Disabilities Act, ARE permitted on board our train. Due to the confined spaces and for the safety and comfort of all passengers, we do not allow non-service animals or personal pets to ride our trains.
lat: 37.9456122 long: -86.7714483

The Ohio River Scenic Railway offers guests a unique and vintage train ride experience, giving individuals a diverse exposure to the local history as well as the natural beauty of the Ohio River area. Running throughout both Perry and Spencer Counties in Southern Indiana, this service is a cooperative effort hosted by the Scenic Lincoln Way, Inc., a 501(c) non-profit organization, and STEM Rail, LLC, a railroad company based out of Indianapolis, IN.

The Ohio River Scenic Railway operates on the Hoosier Southern railroad (“HSRR”). The HSRR is 22 miles long and runs between Lincoln City, IN, and Cannelton, IN. At present, trips departing Tell City will only travel up to 10 miles round trip, while our trips departing Lincoln City can travel up to 28 miles round trip.

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