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Mount Adams Bar & Grill

Mount Adams Bar & Grill


Sunday: 11:30am - 8:00pm Mon - Sat: 11:30am - 10pm
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lat: 39.1093867 long: -84.497423

Every thriving community has its pillars, whether it be a coffee shop, shopping center, church, or even restaurant. The Mount Adams Bar and Grill has been (legally) serving the people of Cincinnati since 1941 and is one of the pillars.

And yes, the rumors are true: the Mount Adams Bar and Grill once served as an infamous bootlegger’s speakeasy.

George Remus funneled immeasurable amounts of whisky into the old speakeasy and it made him rich. This generational wealth was both a blessing and a curse for the outlaw. The feds started to take notice and subsequently opened an investigation of the Whiskey mogul. That’s where the story gets dark. After the trial had been scheduled, Remus gave his wife his entire diamond collection, after which she mysteriously filed for divorce. In the two hours Remus had before his trial, he located his wife in nearby Eden Park and murdered her. The criminal pled guilty by virtue of insanity, for which he spent 90 days in a mental institution – and walked. 

After America came to its senses and lifted prohibition, Mount Adams Bar and Grill became the first place in Ohio to acquire a liquor license. Aside from the fascinating history, The Mount Adams Bar and Grill has served the people of Cincinnati delicious food. The menu includes:

  • The Reuben 
  • Diverse Burger selection
  • Delicious double-dipped wings
  • Fresh seafood
  • Sides from french fries to slaw and more
  • Sandwiches ranging from the chicken salad to the BLT and more!

Mt. Adams Grill has it all: a fascinating history, a stylish old-school interior, great drink selection, and some delicious food.

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