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Castle of Air

Castle of Air


lat: 39.1072916 long: -84.4921374

Cincinnati is known for its parks and gardens, which hold spectacular sites and spectacles. The Castle of Air is one of these sites. A pavilion placed in a public garden, fashioned from four walls with an arched façade of polished steel and fascinating system of mirrors. The architect, Peter Hairmerl, named the pavilion the Castle of Air in honor of the European hunting lodge and summer place of the 18th century. Similar to Pagodenburg and Amlienburg from the castle park of Nymphenburg. It is an awesome place for photos, to explore, and to look at yourself in the mirror. The way that it is designed, the angles make it so when a person stands at the center, it looks like they are standing on air and in the clouds. It is something out of fantasy. It is the perfect spot for a family or solo adventure.

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