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Masquerade on Main

Masquerade on Main


Call Sam at 573-535-9056 for admittance
Prices vary. Contact us today for a pricing sheet
lat: 37.982071 long: -90.04357

An extraordinarily Fun Shop full of incredibly creative scenes for taking photos and videos! In Masquerade on Main, take a selfie in one of several cool scenes in which visitors can strike a pose! Currently there is an old-timey scene, a goth/Cathedral scene, a saloon, a pirate ship, steampunk, Day of the Dead/Voodoo/Halloween, a sparkly Forest, a cemetery and a brick wall to take pictures in, on and around.

Pose in either in your street clothes or in one of the hundreds of costumes for men women and children.  Pose in either in your street clothes ($1), with props ($5), or in the hundreds of costumes for men, women, and children ($20). There are no set hours yet, but call to get in at almost any time.

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