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Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company

Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company


Sunday- Thursday 11am - 11pm Friday - Saturday 11am - 12am Call ahead to confirm
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lat: 47.6810471 long: -116.7807366

Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company believes that the best craft beer in the country is being brewed in Montana and in typical Montana style of having a hard work ethic, hustle, and the right attitude. Every day, each member of the Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company comes together and works towards reaching their goal to brew world-class beers.

Here, Great Falls is known to make up one of Montana’s Golden Triangle points, where there’s a substantial supply of wheat and barley. With Great Falls rich in barley, it provides Barley Country to Beer Country. Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company sources their ingredients locally from start to finish. As they collect their barley they then brew the beer with ice-cold Rocky Mountain water from the Missouri headwaters, and then package it themselves. Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company is truly delivering a Montana beer.

If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage during your trip along the Lewis and Clark Trail, come on in!

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