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Hutson Museum

Hutson Museum


Open daily 8am to 6pm
lat: 45.5193971 long: -121.5960197

Open seasonally (April through October) the Hutson Museum provides entertainment and education for all. The museum includes a variety of rocks, gems, and minerals, as well as Native American artifacts and Pioneer relics.

Jesse and Winifred Hutson had an eye for the unusual and an appreciation of the ordinary. The Hutson Museum is the result of the items they found, and the items that found them.

The Hutson Museum is much like a community attic and presents a unique picture of the Parkdale Community and a history of its residents. The most significant attraction of the museum is its rock collection. It includes thousands of rough specimens, polished slabs, cobochons, spheres and eggs.

Another important facet of the collection is the Native artifacts – stone bowls, mortars, grinding tools and specialized tools for hunting and fishing fashioned from obsidian, agate, and local basalt. The Hutson Museum is a local treasure! Offering insight into Parkdale History and a beautifully curated gift shop of local goods!

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