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Gilded Lily Tours of Augusta

Gilded Lily Tours of Augusta


There are tours most weekends (weather permitting), but a reservation is needed in advance.
1 hour tours: $15 for adults, $7 for children 2 hour tours: $20 for adults, $10 for children
lat: 38.7717376 long: -84.0057628

In the charming small town of Augusta, KY, you can be shown around town by Miss Lily, a friendly local from the late 1860s! Miss Lily, also known as Leah Frederick, is a Southern gentlewoman who is an expert on the town’s history and entertaining guests — she did go to a prestigious finishing school in the East, after all. Miss Lily tells visitors about the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, and other contemporary happenings in the town while taking them to the exact locations. She will also tell stories of local hauntings and, having been classically trained, will sometimes sing.

Guests on one of Miss Lily’s tours will see very many intriguing sights. They will go to the site of a Civil War battle, Native American burial sites, places connected with the Underground Railroad, and a jail from 1811. The tours are on foot, but the destinations are wheelchair-accessible, so everyone can enjoy visiting these historic places.

Visitors have the option of taking a one-hour tour or a two-hour tour. The one-hour tour is great for anyone with a limited schedule who wants to explore the town, as you will get all sorts of interesting information and visit most of the town’s historical spots all at once. The two-hour tour has everything that the one-hour tour has, but it also includes ghost stories and other local secrets, as well as longer stories of the town’s past.


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