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Buffalo Ridge Ghost Town

Buffalo Ridge Ghost Town


Daily 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM April-November (Store & Town) 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM December-March (Store)
Adults: $8 Kids 5-12: $4 Under 5 free
lat: 43.6081595 long: -96.8858811

Have you ever wished to travel to the ole’ wild west? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Buffalo Ridge Ghost Town. The preserved 1880s prairie town brings to life true stories of real cowboys and pioneer women, featuring over 100 antique mannequins. Some are even automated to tell the stories of their past, like Potato Creek Johnny, the four-foot-three cowboy who struck gold against all odds in 1929 and the harmonizing robots at the Wild West Opera House. Learn about infamous murder of “Wild Bill” Hickok and. Explore little-known facts about Lewis and Clark’s expedition like how they shared their meals with Lewis’s dog Scannon and how Clark adopted Sacajewa’s baby after his mother passed.

This unusual museum is perfect for the American historian or eerie enthusiast, with a perfect mix of the authentic Wild West and haunted vacantness of the town.

Family owned, and operated, the Songstadts also sell fireworks, fresh buffalo meat, and authentic artifacts in their convenience store. You can also fill up your tank at their gas station or even spend the night for free in the parking lot of the Western town. Don’t be an outlaw, c’mon down to Buffalo Ridge Ghost Town for grub, great stories, and an unforgettable visit to the past.

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