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ASL Pewter Foundry

ASL Pewter Foundry


Open daily 9:30-5:00
lat: 37.9782487 long: -90.0462509

ASL Pewter Foundry makes high-quality, lead-free pewter products that are not only functional, but works of art. They are open Daily 9:30– 5:00 with demonstrations daily.

ASL Pewter make all of their pewter pieces in their foundry, utilizing a variety of techniques including:

    • Casting – Casting is the oldest form of metal work. It involves melting the metal and pouring it into a prepared mold – literally, it’s pouring liquid in a hole!  ASL Pewter makes use of a large selection of antique and vintage molds that date from the 1650s and are made of bronze, brass, stone, gunmetal or aluminum.  These molds were acquired from antique dealers, auctions and museums.  They also create modern molds from silicone and rubber compounds to cast their original designs.
    • Metal Spinning – Spinning is a process that is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. The technique as we know it today began in France in the 1780s.  ASL takes a measured, flat disc of pewter and moves it into a desired shape over a wooden form on a metal spinning lathe. The lathe they are using was first put into service in 1873, and it was water-powered and belt-driven.  ASL Pewter is the first to put electricity to it.  They cut their own wooden forms for metal spinning to the shapes of drinking vessels, bowls, trays and serving pieces that are shaped over these forms on a lathe.
    • Welding – Welding is the joining of two pieces together.  ASL uses wire made of exactly the same alloy as the casting and metal spinning alloy, and they join pieces with their micro torch heat source. For instance, welding is how stems and goblet tops are put together, how handles are added to mugs, and how they embellish their pieces with decorations.

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