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Wrangler Inn & Windjammer Lounge

Wrangler Inn & Windjammer Lounge


24-hour front desk
Prices vary. Contact us today for current deals on rooms
Pets allowed
lat: 45.5381231 long: -100.4442464

Overlooking Lake Oahe, the Wrangler Inn is an iconic place to stay while in Mobridge. The Inn offers 60 rooms and an indoor pool and jacuzzi. Every room has access to high-speed wifi, television, and other amenities – check website for additional details on our amenities. The Inn overlooks the beautiful Lake Oahe. The well-loved Windjammer Lounge is also located within the Inn. The lounge has a full bar with select craft beer and menu, which includes all your favorites, such as chicken alfredo, a nice Captain burger, a spicy jalapeño bacon burger and much more. The lounge also provides relaxing outdoor balcony seating. Both facilities are located near the town of Mobridge and have grade A access to some of the best hunting and fishing in the West!

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