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William Howard Taft National Historic Site

William Howard Taft National Historic Site


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Childhood home of the 27th President of the United States and 10th Supreme Court Chief Justice of the United States, William Howard Taft, the William Howard Taft National Historic Site presents abound of opportunities for tourists. The site was officially restored and established in 1969, giving visitors an idea and understanding of the environment that Taft grew up in. The Historic site encourages tourists and visitors to explore the stories, tales, and text surrounding the Gentle Giant, as it would provide further insight into his deeds and achievements. The historic site is broken up into two buildings. The first building is the actual childhood home of Taft, fully restored and refurbished. It is broken up into two levels, with the second floor holding a museum of Taft achievements and accomplishments. The second building is the National Historic Site Visitor Center, known officially as the Taft Education Center. The William Howard Taft National Historic Site is a unique location within Cincinnati, acting as a historic monument and center for those interested in American history.

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