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Turkey Bluffs

Turkey Bluffs


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lat: 37.9721887 long: -89.8041815

While Illinois is no longer the mysterious edge of the known U.S. that it once was, there are still some good places for hunting or fishing, including the Turkey Bluffs State Fish and Wildlife Area. Turkey Bluffs allows hunting and fishing and has a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, quails, and ducks. Though hunting and fishing are allowed, the area is carefully preserved. Places like this give a valuable opportunity to hunt and fish in a sustainable fashion, thus creating a healthy balance between man and nature.

In the time of Lewis and Clark, Chester was a land of plentiful wilderness. This meant that there was a great deal of rich hunting ground and the members of the Corps of Discovery often relied on what they could hunt and gather to survive. Many of the members of the expedition were very skilled hunters, as the fur trade was a huge business in the early 19th century. Hunters today can visit Turkey Bluffs and travel the footsteps of Lewis and Clark.



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