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The Milwaukee Delicatessen Company

The Milwaukee Delicatessen Company


lat: 39.1035314 long: -94.5842906

Featuring sandwiches, snacks, and one of the most extensive bar selections in downtown Kansas City, the Milwaukee Delicatessen Company is a historically-connected casual restaurant and community hub.  The Deli’s origin goes back to 1900, when it was founded by Albert and Laura Ladzinski, inspired by Milwaukee-style German food.  Eventually, after surviving Prohibition and the Great Depression, the Deli’s original location fell into disrepair until 2010 when it was brought back to life by local developers and builders.  Today, the Milwaukee Delicatessen Company serves classic sandwiches, like their Milwaukee-style corned beef reuben, and renowned cocktails—serving beers, wines, and whiskeys from a reclaimed-wood bar. 

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