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The Kansas City Public Library – Central Library

The Kansas City Public Library – Central Library


lat: 39.1026894 long: -94.5838852

Opened in 1895, this historic building has been serving Kansas City for over a century.  As the main resource library for the Kansas City Public Library System, the Central Library provides activities, resources, movie screenings, and guided tours, all in addition to books.  Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, the Central Library building houses a lot of history.  Its guided tour, covering banking history, architectural design, and Kansas City’s past, is a perfect showcase of the Central Library’s importance.  The library’s six floors are open to the public seven days a week to visitors looking to check out books or learn about history.  Don’t miss the parking garage covered in a giant display of the community’s bookshelf, with 25-foot-tall book spines celebrating Kansas City’s favorite books.

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