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The John Wornall House Museum

The John Wornall House Museum


lat: 39.0168477 long: -94.5924727

Built in 1858, and designed to resemble how it may have looked then, the Wornall House Museum provides a look into the Civil War Era in Kansas City.  One of the four Civil War-period homes that remain in Kansas City, the Wornall House provides a unique perspective on daily life for a prosperous family during that time.  The House was used as a field hospital during the Battle of Westport and features many artifacts from the Civil War.  Self-guided tours are always available, sharing information about the Wornall family, the lives of the enslaved residents at the House, and life on the Missouri-Kansas border.  Guided tours are available on Saturday afternoons.

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lat: 38.94607 long: -92.32836
Trail of Tears Overlook

A breathtaking viewpoint overlooking the Trail of Tears State Park. Car access is available

lat: 37.4490937 long: -89.4764524
Noren Access Path

lat: 38.5894 long: -92.17918
Klondike to Mississippi River

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Taylors Landing

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lat: 38.94831 long: -92.53559
Trail of Tears Nature Trail

 Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups braved harsh winter conditions while crossing the Mississippi River in 1838-1839, marking a sorrowful chapter in American history. The park also has: shaded picnic sites, hiking and horse trails, opportunities to fish…

lat: 37.4388916 long: -89.480974
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lat: 38.82679 long: -90.21614
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lat: 37.63554 long: -89.51586
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The path taken by Chief John Ross on his way to Cairo. (

lat: 37.45684 long: -89.46319
Lewis and Clark Nature Trail

lat: 38.77314 long: -90.4821
Trail of Tears Access

A boat ramp that allows visitors to access the Trail of Tears

lat: 37.4539977 long: -89.4625079
Jefferson Mounument

lat: 38.57877 long: -92.17348
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