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St. Louis Science Center

St. Louis Science Center


lat: 38.6289922 long: -90.270419

From atoms to oceans, sand to stardust, dinosaurs to dark matter, the St. Louis Science Center brings your curiosity to life.  Visit the Planetarium to learn more about stars and galaxies, or bring kids to the Discovery Room to start learning about STEM concepts.  Temporary exhibits include Sue in the Lou (a visit from a tyrannosaurus rex) and a special presentation from the Blue Angels.  In addition to being one of the only free and nonprofit science museums in the world, the St. Louis Science Center is also one of the largest science centers in the world.  Explore hundreds of interactive experiences over ten galleries, including the indoor-outdoor GROW agricultural pavilion, the Planetarium, and the four-story OMNIMAX® Theater.  Entry to the Science Center is free while some exhibits have entry fees.

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