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St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum


lat: 38.6390952 long: -90.2949531

Founded in 1879, the St. Louis Art Museum has been collecting and preserving art for more than a century.  As one of the principal art museums in the United States, SLAM includes paintings, cultural objects, and masterpieces from throughout the world.  Temporary exhibits highlight and reinterpret important pieces of the collection, such as Native American Art of the 20th Century and Concealed Layers: Uncovering Expressionist Paintings.  Drop-in collection tours are held regularly, and tour times can be found on the museum’s website.  Admission to the museum is always free, and on Fridays the museum opens ticketed exhibitions, programming, and events all for free.  Other events include walks through the outdoor sculptures, an Art Night Out for adults, and lectures about newly-opened exhibits.  Whether you’re here to learn more about ancient statues or modern paintings, walking through the three floors of the St. Louis Art Museum will be sure to inspire you.

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