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Sidney Street Cafe

Sidney Street Cafe


lat: 38.6034993 long: -90.2177821

Sidney Street Cafe is “a sophisticated culinary experience” that serves innovative, contemporary American cuisine from a century-old storefront building in a historic St. Louis neighborhood.  With Chef Kevin Nashan and his team’s dedication to bring together a vast array of culinary influences in Benton Park, Sidney Street Cafe has become a neighborhood staple that attracts diners from across the nation.  Sidney Street Cafe maintains its own garden, with the yield ending up on the menu or shared with the restaurant’s neighbors.  Featuring more than 50 types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, the garden produces a seasonal rotation that features in Sidney Street’s dishes.  With classic French influences, in addition to local heritage like ribs, plus Spanish ties, Sidney Street’s menu offers an elevated and inventive array of dishes, perfect for celebrating a night out in St. Louis.

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