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SAGE Center

SAGE Center


Memorial Day-Labor Day: Monday-Saturday 10 AM-4 PM Labor Day-Memorial Day: Monday-Friday 10 AM-4 PM
General admission: $5, students and seniors: $3, veterans and children under 5: free
lat: 45.8402778 long: -119.6833333

Located in Boardman Oregon, the Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Center (SAGE) is an interactive museum that highlights Sustainable Agriculture and Energy in Morrow County. The center features many unique exhibits to learn what goes into farming and food processing. The “Port of Morrow to the World” exhibit showcases where products are shipped around the globe, and the effect the products have on the world. The “Processing Kinetic Sculpture” shows how potatoes are processed from farm to table. “Agriculture Today” is an interactive exhibit that allows you to test your corn planting skills against farmer GPS technology. Lastly, “The Big Picture” is an incredible video simulation that has you board a hot air balloon, and tour the beautiful landscape of the surrounding area. Whether you are a fan of agriculture or not, kids and adults alike can learn a lot about an industry that has such a big impact on the Pacific Northwest, and the technology that is shaping its future.

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