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Point Labaddie Brewery

Point Labaddie Brewery


lat: 38.5003275 long: -90.8056689

From apple cider to IPAs, stouts to French biere, try the carefully curated selection at Point Labaddie Brewery.  While celebrated for their beers, don’t miss whiskey, wine, and non-alcoholic options.  Point Labaddie Brewery features in-house creations in addition to products that are sourced from the St. Louis area, around the country, and even internationally.  The Brewery sits on seventeen acres of pasture and woods, and features eight of their own beers on tap.  Public events like Wednesday Trivia Nights and Friday Jams (featuring live music) in addition to Nature Nights (with the Shaw Nature Reserve) make this brewery a community staple.

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New Haven Public Access

lat: 38.61434 long: -91.21069
Taylors Landing

A boat ramp to the beautiful Missouri River with a peaceful view of the river.

lat: 38.94831 long: -92.53559
Francis Quadrangle

lat: 38.94607 long: -92.32836
Front Loop

lat: 38.82679 long: -90.21614
Jefferson Mounument

lat: 38.57877 long: -92.17348
Trail of Tears Memorial

Explore the Trail of Tears State Park to delve into a somber chapter in American history. Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups crossed the harsh winter Mississippi River in 1838-1839 during their forced relocation to Oklahoma.…

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Bean Lake Natural Area

lat: 39.49763 long: -95.02227
Trail of Tears to Cairo

The path taken by Chief John Ross on his way to Cairo. (

lat: 37.45684 long: -89.46319
Trail of Tears Nature Trail

 Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups braved harsh winter conditions while crossing the Mississippi River in 1838-1839, marking a sorrowful chapter in American history. The park also has: shaded picnic sites, hiking and horse trails, opportunities to fish…

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Klondike to Mississippi River

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Tower Rock

lat: 37.63554 long: -89.51586
The Gateway Arch

lat: 38.6254157 long: -90.1881888
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