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Planters Seed and Spice Co.

Planters Seed and Spice Co.


lat: 39.108125261242 long: -94.581158564418

Located in the historic City Market in Kansas City, Planters Seed and Spice Co. offers a nostalgic general store experience.  Founded in 1924, and in the same location since 1928, Planters still has its original wood floors and seed drawers.  Planters has a variety of bulk spices, from classics like anise and thyme, to Kansas City favorites like barbecue spice and meatloaf seasoning.  Also try their large assortment of tea and coffee.  Planters is known for their gift baskets—choose from their pre-selected options or customize your own for family, friends, or corporate gift giving.  If you’re looking for plants, Planters sells bulk seeds and garden essentials.  With spices, soup mixes, coffee, trail mixes, and garden gifts, Planters Seed and Spice Co. provides a unique look into the past, while also innovating for the future.

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