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Planet Comicon Kansas City

Planet Comicon Kansas City


lat: 39.0982534 long: -94.5874878

Planet Comicon Kansas City is an annual comic book convention that highlights the best of science fiction, creators, cosplay, and celebrity guests.  Have a galactic experience interacting with illustrators, artists, and actors or competing in the largest cosplay contest in the Midwest.  Don’t miss out on the Planet Entertainment Zone’s performances, demos, and interactive exhibits.  Planet features guests from Apollo program astronauts, to comic book illustrators, to science fiction authors, to the actors and hosts of your favorite sci-fi television shows.  Food and drink vendors include some of Kansas City’s favorite breweries and food trucks.  Tickets are available online in advance and also during the convention.

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Trail of Tears Nature Trail

 Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups braved harsh winter conditions while crossing the Mississippi River in 1838-1839, marking a sorrowful chapter in American history. The park also has: shaded picnic sites, hiking and horse trails, opportunities to fish…

lat: 37.4388916 long: -89.480974
Fort Bellefontaine

lat: 38.827083 long: -90.214293
Klondike to Mississippi River

lat: 38.58395 long: -90.81858
Miami to Big Muddy

lat: 39.32615 long: -93.22803
Trail of Tears Memorial

Explore the Trail of Tears State Park to delve into a somber chapter in American history. Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups crossed the harsh winter Mississippi River in 1838-1839 during their forced relocation to Oklahoma.…

lat: 37.4439902 long: -89.468381
Lewis and Clark Nature Trail

lat: 38.77314 long: -90.4821
Francis Quadrangle

lat: 38.94607 long: -92.32836
Noren Access Path

lat: 38.5894 long: -92.17918
Klondike Park River Access

lat: 38.5840552 long: -90.8200764
Red Star Access Site

lat: 37.3156208 long: -89.5126263
Lewis and Clark Memorial

lat: 38.57843 long: -92.1714
Arrow Rock

lat: 39.0685825 long: -92.9457706
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