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Panther Hollow Lake

Panther Hollow Lake


Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 5:00pm
Admission to Schenley Park is free
lat: 40.4368565 long: -79.9488238

Located in Schenley Park of Pittsburgh is a beautiful man-made lake that dates back over a hundred years. Escape the city bustle and take a self-guided tour through Schenley Park and alongside Panther Hollow Lake.

The Panther Hollow Lake was constructed in 1909 to serve as a catch basin for the Panther Hollow Watershed that flows through Schenley Park and Squirrel Hill. Ultimately, it connects to the Monongahela River through the Four Mile Run. While most of the streams throughout the Squirrel Hill neighborhood have been buried, Schenley Park has been the location to spot these streams.

From Panther Hollow Lake Lake, you can see some of the hundreds of bridges throughout Pittsburgh, including the Panther Hollow Bridge and the Tufa Bridges. Each of the bridges were constructed around the same time as the lake, between 1906 and 1909.

Restorations are currently in progress on the lake due to an increased flow of sediment, which is common in many tributaries today. Once a 10-12 ft deep lake, Panther Hollow Lake is, at its deepest 2 feet deep. With restoration incentive, the lake should once again reach its original depth.

Panther Hollow lake is a popular spot for runners, dog walkers, families, and friends to enjoy a scenic and quiet moment in the middle of a city. The charm, beauty, and function of the lake makes it so integral to Squirrel Hill, Schenley Park and Pittsburgh as a whole.

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