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Ohio River Valley Artist’s Guild

Ohio River Valley Artist’s Guild


Thursday - Saturday Hours: 11:00 – 4:00
lat: 38.6156125 long: -83.8088888

The Ohio River Valley Art Guild is passionately dedicated to promoting the arts in the local community!

Through the hosting of numerous creative events, this nonprofit offers innumerable events for novice and expert artists alike to come together and hone their skills in; painting, photography, ceramics, sculptures, and writing!

With two locations, one in the Old Washington Historic District and another in the Cox Building of Downtown Maysville, ORVAG is able to share the work of several artists.

Participate in many exceptional workshops like smashed glass workshops! In the winter and spring, foster your inner academic and participate in free artistic lectures. Visit the nonprofit’s very own Cox Gallery which houses an array of exhibitions from those in the surrounding community in order to bring together, educate, enlighten, and inspire local artists, patrons, and friends!

Find and nurture your inner artist with the help of The Ohio River Valley Art Guild!

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