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Noble Park

Noble Park


Free, unless you reserve a building
lat: 37.0835486 long: -88.6375843

Noble Park is a park with something for everyone. The park was founded in 1913, but it wasn’t anything resembling its current self until the 1920s due to an outlaw problem in the wooded areas that plagued the early years of the park’s development. In the 1920s, however, the lake that the park is centered around was created after a generous donation from Captain Robert Noble, the park’s namesake. Since then, it has been treasured by the town and improvements have been regularly made. Now, the park has a swimming pool, two playgrounds, an amphitheater, and many other attractions.

The 135-acre park holds a handful of annual events, including fundraising walks, and concerts/movies in the amphitheater during the summer. Even if there aren’t any events going on, Noble Park is still a beautiful place to enjoy a sunny day or to take a walk. Visitors will be able to enjoy a nature trail and view local scenery. 

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