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Nez Perce Tourism (Nimiipuu Tours)

Nez Perce Tourism (Nimiipuu Tours)


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Nez Perce Tourism is the warm welcome to Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Country, offering the only tours created to connect you to Nimiipuu culture through interactive storytelling, song, drum, and dance. From riverbeds to mountain tops, Nez Perce Tourism offers land and water journeys. Nimiipuu Tours earned AIANTA’s “Best Cultural Heritage Experience” in 2021.

Far more than a tourism company for destination travel, Nez Perce Tourism provides the experience that awakens visitor’s souls. At the foundation of the Nez Perce Tribe is the drumbeat of the landscape and the heartbeat of Nimiipuu ancestors. Nez Perce Tourism provides an exclusive experience where you can walk alongside Nimiipuu (The People), learning their ancient and modern ways of life and embrace the spirit of their homelands.

Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and their Corps of Discovery traveled through Nez Perce country in the fall of 1805. After some initial apprehension, the Nez Perce embraced the expedition and helped the party avoid starvation. After journeying further west, Lewis and Clark returned in the spring of to the 1806, and ultimately spent more time with the Nez Perce than any other tribe encountered during their expedition.

Nez Perce Tourism offers tours of these historic and culturally rich lands, and include: Hear the Echoes of our Ancestor Jet Boat Tour, a boat trip up the Snake River into Hells Canyon to experience the places the Nez Perce call home; Nimiipuu White Water Rafting, an experience of the rich culture of the Nimiipuu while rafting the Salmon River, a Class III River and the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48; Dinner with the Nez Perce, a celebration of traditional food, offering an experience that flows together like the currents in the river; and Traditional Arts Workshop, a circle featuring members of the Nimiipuu community who want to share their knowledge of traditional techniques.

Nez Perce Tourism also offers Nimiipuu Van Rental, their 14-passenger van that allows visitors to reach their destinations in extra comfort and convenience with a Nez Perce Tourism driver or on their own.

For Nimiipuu gifts, visit Nez Perce Traditions gift shop in downtown Lewiston’s shopping district. Discover authentic hand-crafted tribal items from local artists and take home something special from Nimiipuu Country.

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