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Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art


lat: 39.0449506 long: -94.5809284

From American greats like Georgia O’Keeffe to old masters including Rembrandt van Rijn, this museum exhibits masterful works of art.  With more than 42,000 objects highlighting African, American, European, Japanese, Ancient, Southeast Asian, and Native American Art, the Nelson Atkins Museum preserves and displays world culture in Kansas City.  Outside the stately building is Claes Oldenburg’s famous Shuttlecocks sculptures, while inside are incredible masterpieces and a dramatic 15th-century-style Italian courtyard.  In addition to hosting celebrated temporary exhibits, the Museum also features seasonal events and festivals.  With paintings by Monet and Caravaggio, intricate stained glass windows, ancient statues and masks, and carefully curated cultural objects, the Nelson Atkins Museum is an ideal destination for any art lover.

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