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Money Museum

Money Museum


lat: 39.075929084545 long: -94.586421114819

At the Money Museum, learn how the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City works!  With fun, interactive exhibits, visitors learn about the U.S. Economy, while lifting a real gold bar, viewing the historic Harry S. Truman coin collection, and seeing how the Bank processes millions of dollars in currency.  Current exhibits include the History of Inflation and Counterfeit Currency.  From the rare 1907 Double Eagle Coin to the present day sorting and processing of money, the Money Museum offers an insightful and engaging billion-dollar experience.  Education resources and virtual exhibits are also accessible online.  The Money Museum is free, and tickets are not required.  Self-guided tours and scavenger hunts are available.

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The path taken by Chief John Ross on his way to Cairo. (

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Explore the Trail of Tears State Park to delve into a somber chapter in American history. Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups crossed the harsh winter Mississippi River in 1838-1839 during their forced relocation to Oklahoma.…

lat: 37.4439902 long: -89.468381
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Red House Path

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