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Messenger Coffee Co. and Ibis Bakery

Messenger Coffee Co. and Ibis Bakery


lat: 39.0934939 long: -94.5815181

At 1624 Grand, two greats in bread and coffee intersect, with Messenger Coffee Co.’s carefully-sourced, artisanal roasts and Ibis Bakery’s meticulously-prepared breads and pastries.  This tri-level cafe, roasting facility, and bakery offers transparently-sourced goods (fair trade coffee and locally sourced ingredients) in an open and friendly space, perfect for coffee and tea drinkers, as well as bakery enthusiasts.  Don’t miss the Roof Deck, with its sprawling views of Kansas City, or the variety of sun-drenched seating and study spaces.  Innovative seasonal drinks are often changing, so make sure to try one of their specialities!

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