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Long Beach Razor Clam Festival

Long Beach Razor Clam Festival
Events Family Fun
111, 3rd Street Southeast
Long Beach Washington 98631


(360)777-1226 [email protected]
Free parking and free admission.
lat: 46.3502852 long: -124.0535335

The first Long Beach Razor Clam Festival was held in 1940 and put the small town on the map. The festival was a hit, serving the World’s Largest Clam Fritter from the World’s Largest Frying Pan. In 1948, the Long Beach Chamber sponsored a marketing tour for the festival around Washington State with the giant pan attached to the back of a dairy truck. Live razor clams and models in clam-shell swimsuits were also part of the caravan. However, this was the last festival for 65 years due to the over-harvesting of razor clams. The festival was revived in 2013 and has been flourishing ever since.

Today, Long Beach Razor Clam Festival is held annually on the second or third weekend of April on Veteran’s Field. The festival features several clam-themed events, including clam digging and cleaning lessons, amateur and professional chowder competitions, a contest to bring the biggest or smallest clam, and complimentary clam-fritter samples. The event also features live music, pirates, mermaids, vendors, food trucks, and a beer garden.

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