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Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs


Open Year around - Hours vary with season. Call 406-273-2290, 406-273-2294, or 877-541-5117 for general information.
We are Pet Friendly. Pet must be kept on lease.
lat: 46.729408 long: -114.539902

Lolo Hot Springs


Lolo Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful, tranquil, and unique places in the world.  Lolo Hot Springs was well know to the Indians long before the arrival of Lewis and Clark Expedition in the fall of 1805 and their return in 1806.  It was a mineral lick for wild game, and an ancient meeting place and bathing spot for the Indians.  The hot, mineralized springs became a landmark and rendezvous point for early explorers, trappers, and prospectors as well.  By 1885, the Hot Springs had become a favorite vacationing spot for both families and sportsmen.


This is nature’s stage. The native wildlife of Moose, Elk, Bears, Deer, Wolves and other wondering all over the area.  You can hear the wolves baying in the evening.  Just watching the ground squirrels and chipmunks will entertain anyone for the day.


Because of the geology, walking around the hot springs, you might just find crystal popping out of the ground.


Bringing the Hot Springs area back together would turn it back into a destination for traveller all over the world.  Granite Hot Springs and the Lodge at Lolo Hot Springs use to be part of this property.  The success for having the Historical Granite Hot Springs which was build in early 1900’s  and the book and movie “A Runs through It” written by Norman MacLean and his life in early 1920’s in the Bitterroot and Lolo Hot Springs would attract many more guest to the area.  Being able to use the Historical Lodge with the catering of Lolo Hot Springs would bring many organization to enjoy the beauty of the area.  Turning the area into a self-supporting econ friendly with Greens houses, thermo heat & power, hydro energy, wood burning energy, and others could attract another type of visitor.


Hiking trails, 4 wheeling, biking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, horseshoe pitching, Disc Golf (Floff course), throughout the area.


1966 Olympia Luge Run – Olympians trained at Lolo Hot Springs

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