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Linda Hall Library

Linda Hall Library


lat: 39.033357854502 long: -94.579440806082

As one of the world’s leading independent scientific libraries, the Linda Hall Library is bringing science to life.  With collections, programming, learning resources, and scholarly research programs, this library is helping others to “better understand the world in which they live.”  Herbert and Linda Hall founded the library in 1946 with the goal of making a free public library for Kansas City and the general public.  Its collections include a wide range of subjects, with particular strengths in engineering, chemistry, physics, natural history, astronomy, and much more.  Rotating exhibitions highlight researchers and the library’s treasures, with the current exhibit, Chained to the Sky, examining the science of birds.  The main reading room and study rooms are open to all visitors, and additional resources, like rare book presentations, are offered for classes.  Additionally, the arboretum, featuring over 300 trees across 14-acres, is open to the public.  The Linda Hall Library welcomes all visitors free of charge.

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