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Sports & Recreation
9300, Northeast Underground Drive
Kansas City Missouri 64161


lat: 39.1602922 long: -94.4697627

Are you open to having fun competing with your friends over an active game? Are you in the Kansas City, Missouri area? If you said yes to both of these questions, your next stop has to be Jaegers paintball! A stop at Jaegers can also include fun games playing laser tag and paintball! Jaegers has 6 indoor fields and 3 outdoor fields available for those who wish to play a round of paintball. Their laser tag arena is the largest in Kansas City and can hold up to 32 people at once! 1 game for laser tag will be $7 per person and visitors interested in paintball are able to rent out equipment to participate in the fun games. 

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Nearby Trails

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The Gateway Arch

lat: 38.6254157 long: -90.1881888
Tower Rock

lat: 37.63554 long: -89.51586
Fort Osage Historic Park

lat: 39.1864762 long: -94.1928602
New Haven Public Access

lat: 38.61434 long: -91.21069
Francis Quadrangle

lat: 38.94607 long: -92.32836
Trail of Tears Access

A boat ramp that allows visitors to access the Trail of Tears

lat: 37.4539977 long: -89.4625079
Trail of Tears Nature Trail

 Here, nine Cherokee Indian groups braved harsh winter conditions while crossing the Mississippi River in 1838-1839, marking a sorrowful chapter in American history. The park also has: shaded picnic sites, hiking and horse trails, opportunities to fish…

lat: 37.4388916 long: -89.480974
LaBenite Park to Miami

lat: 39.16744 long: -94.39343
Jefferson Mounument

lat: 38.57877 long: -92.17348
Katy Trail Trailhead

lat: 38.9776 long: -92.56147
Klondike to Mississippi River

lat: 38.58395 long: -90.81858
Noren Access Path

lat: 38.5894 long: -92.17918
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