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Historic Village at Faust Park

Historic Village at Faust Park


lat: 38.664018789727 long: -90.541720432263

The Historic Village at Faust Park celebrates the history of Missouri by preserving a collection of historic buildings.  All the buildings were built from 1840 to 1908 in the Chesterfield and St. Louis area.  The Village features a variety of architectural styles, from the traditionally-timbered Yokel Barn to the stately Conway House.  On weekdays, the houses are open for guided tours.  For four weekends during the summer, the houses are open for free, and the village is staffed by docents who share the history of the homes.  Additionally, with over 200 acres just outside the metropolitan area of St. Louis, Faust Park is a perfect place to learn more about history and explore the outdoors.

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