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Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm


lat: 38.5509083 long: -90.3532992

Originally built by Ulysses S. Grant and home to the Busch family, Grant’s Farm has been welcoming visitors to a unique experience for seventy years.  The tour begins with a tram ride through the Deer Park, where a variety of animals are visible.  Next, visit the Tier Garten petting zoo area, which features baby goat feedings.  Finally, enjoy Bauernhof Courtyard with carousel rides, food, and free beer tasting.  More than 900 animals, large and small, live on the property, and visitors are encouraged to interact with many of them throughout the day.  Don’t miss out on historic architecture, including Grant’s original log cabin, the unique German-style stables, and the Busch “Big House.”  Seasonal events are also a highlight, with Clydesdale Tours and Summer Nights (a live band and drone show).  Admission is free, although it is recommended to purchase a parking pass ahead of time.

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