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Goldendale Visitor Center

Goldendale Visitor Center


Monday 9AM–4PM Tuesday 9AM–4PM Wednesday 9AM–4PM Thursday 9AM–4PM Friday 9AM–4PM Saturday 10AM–4PM Sunday ClosedFree
Entry is free
lat: 45.8222297 long: -120.8226231

Located on the dry side of Washington State, with expansive farms and wheat fields, vineyards, timberland, and magnificent Mount Adams as a backdrop, the rural pioneer town of Goldendale is rich in cultural heritage, and natural wonder.

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, wine or cultural enthusiast, or simply enjoy getting away from it all, Goldendale, at the heart of the Eastern Columbia River Gorge, has something for you.

Science, History, and Rodeo: One of the things that Goldendale prides itself on is one of the largest and most accessible public telescopes in the nation! Located at Goldendale Observatory State Park, thousands of visitors each year come to see the stars. Goldendale is also home to Stonehenge. This is the nation’s first WW1 memorial, built in 1918. Featured at the Presby museum, you can also see pioneer artifacts, photographs, and stories from early settlers. Goldendale also hosts 3 NPRA rodeos every summer!

Art, Wine, and Trails: Goldendale sits along the Columbia River Gorge. Visit the Maryhill Museum of Arts which sits on a 5,300-acre site along the Gorge. Here is a collection of world-class art from the early 20th century. Goldendale is also part of the areas flourishing wine region so we have several wineries to visit when you’re here! You cal also take a walk along dozens of our local trails like the Klickitat River.

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