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Fort Zumwalt Park

Fort Zumwalt Park


lat: 38.796002281466 long: -90.706983193918

Featuring both scenery and history, Fort Zumwalt Park is an ideal place to explore the outdoors and discover more about Missouri’s past.  The park’s namesake, Zumwalt’s Fort, is a relic of the War of 1812.  This fort, which was once the family home of Jacob Zumwalt, is Missouri’s only rebuilt “settler fort,” a fort that was used for protection against raids during the war.  Heald Home is also located within the park grounds and, after its restoration, serves as an example of late 19th century architecture.  Additionally, Fort Zumwalt Park has many activities for outdoor adventure, from a disc golf course to a walking trail alongside Lake Whetsel.  Celebrate Missouri’s history and nature by enjoying Fort Zumwalt’s 48-acres.

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